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Certificate Of Appreciation template

A certificate of appreciation is an award that acknowledges achievements and hard work of an individual or group. Precisely, this certificate is a professional document used by companies or organizations to recognize individuals for their efforts. 

What Are Certificate Of Appreciation Template?

This award can be given for any achievement including tenure of service, performance, the donation to charity, closing a big deal or retirement. In simple words, this certificate appreciates the concerned individual in best possible manner!

Certificate Of Appreciation Template

Elements Of Certificates Of Appreciation Template

The simplest form of the appreciation certificate includes a simple amount of text. The text may start with the general statement of appreciation or name of the award. The main body elaborates the reason for fabricating the certificate.

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In most cases, the main body includes official acknowledgment message for an individual on behalf of company or organization. In simple words, this section showcases details about recipients action, such as working for 40 years in the company or making the donation to the homeless shelter. After the message of gratitude, it includes a name of the recipient and signature of the official person that issued the certificate.

certificate of appreciation wording

How To Present The Certificates Of Appreciation?

The official bodies always organize the ceremony to present the certificate. Such ceremonies include a short speech to commemorate great achievements of the recipient and how such actions affected the organization. The companies or businesses always use these certificates to show gratitude towards services and hard work of employees. Many Non-profit organizations and charities recognize the generosity of volunteers by issuing these awards.

award certificate template

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How To Select The Best Certificate

An appreciation certificate is an ideal way to appreciate effort, time and contribution of an individual towards company or organization. Practically, without any cost, you can convey your message in a fun way through this certificate.

certificate of appreciation word template

You can use either template or make a new certificate from scratch. In both cases, you have to keep certain things in mind. You cannot use same design and format to appreciate all kinds of services and achievements. That’s why we have devised this section that will help you in making or choosing the best certificate.

certificate of achievement

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An Appreciation Certificate Must Be Appropriate For Occasion

A company may issue appreciation award for any reason. So, the certificate should be selected accordingly.For instance, you are issuing the certificate to a kid. Then it must be colorful and graphically appealing to the kid.

certificate of recognition

If you are planning to give the certificate to employees, then it should be formal. In a case of teachers, the certificate should be formal with text showing respect and gratitude. There is no hard and fast rule. You just need to make it compatible with the occasion.

certificate of appreciation wording examples

Personalize The Certificates Of Appreciation

Whether you download the template or make the new certificate, you must add personalized details. Such as, the name of the recipient, a reason for appreciation award, a name of the company and name of the person who is giving the award. You should include logos, emblems or symbol to make it more formal and unique.

certificate of appreciation wording for employees

what is certificate of appreciation

Use Good Quality Paper

In the end, print out the certificate on good quality paper to leave the positive impression. It will look better if framed. For sure, the frame won’t cost that much!

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