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employee timesheet

Looking for Downloadable Employee Time Sheet?

By the weekend, you have spent the week putting out fires by leading employees and urging them to meet the deadlines and fulfilling the expectations of customers without getting extra funds. There is one last thing to do before you head for the party: Employee time tracking.

To track the work done by the employee, we all fill out employee time sheets just like we fill out work order templates.

What Is A Timesheet?

As the name implies, timesheet is a process of recording the time spent by an employee on work.

In simple word, employee time sheet is a piece of paper on which you write down and calculate hours an employee spent working.

employee timesheet

In past, the employers would make the time sheets manually. Recording and calculation of hours are another headaches. Fortunately, we are living in the world where everything is available on the internet. You can find thousands of employee time sheet templates that operate in MS Word or Excel. In the software you just need to add the hours manually. Rest of calculation is done by Excel itself. If you are more of the old school, you can simply print out the blank employee time sheet templates for recording employee working hours.

Types Of Employee Time sheet

time sheet

Thousands of templates are available on the internet. But we don’t need all of them. You must pick the time sheet that matches your payroll and billing cycle. Based on payroll cycle, following are the most commonly used types of employee time sheet:

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Most organizations used weekly time sheets as this type promote accurate timely entry of data. It is a common practice for businesses to use weekly time sheet even though it does not contribute to fixed payroll or salary, etc.

Weekly End-Of-Month

As said earlier, most organization prefer a weekly recording of employee working hours. But there is one problem. At the end of the month, the administrator faces a difficulty while calculating monthly payroll. The problem is that ending a day of month and time sheet period is not same. The weekly end-of-month time sheet is the solution to this problem. In this type, the first and last week of the month gets flexed by shortening or lengthening the days. This is done to ensure that month ends on the same day as that on time sheet period.

Importance Of Employee Time Sheet

  • Protection: Accurately done employee time sheets serve as legal documents both for employer and employee. In the case of potential litigation regarding unpaid payroll or missed breaks can resolve using the timesheets. If the issue is related to payroll, the parties just need to verify the time sheets with employee’s hours. Because of these documents, every wage dispute can be resolved fairly.
  • Detailed Records: Timesheet does not record entry and exit of the employee. It is used for tracking overtime, double time and meal breaks too. Sometimes, the organization faces disputes because they don’t record meal breaks which put them in litigation. So, you must select a detailed time sheet.
  • Punctuality & Attendance: In case the employee has arrived earlier or late, time sheets flag these events too which are a violation of attendance policy.

Free Employee Timesheet Templates

To save you from hassle, we are providing a huge collection of employee time sheet as follows:

Employee Time Sheet

Employee Time Sheet

hourly employee time sheet

employee time sheet template

Hopefully, next time you can avoid payroll disputes by using employee time sheet.