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intuit direct deposit form

Intuit Direct deposit refers to the direct transfer of money into an individual’s checking or savings account electronically. Direct deposits of payroll checks are perhaps the most common type of direct deposit because apart from other benefits, it does not let the possibility of paper checks getting damaged or lost in the mail crop up.

Intuit is a business, personal finance, and tax software company that develops and sells various software related to finance, accounting, tax preparation and much more.

The Intuit direct deposit pdf form is a form available for the employees, that requires being filled out by employees in order to enable Employee Direct Deposit Authorization and consequently enable the employees to receive Intuit full-service payroll directly in the bank account.

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Steps Involved in Intuit Direct Deposit Form Filling

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization can be carried out by businesses in a very convenient manner in a series of short steps. These steps are listed as follows.

  • To begin with, the business will require the printing out the Intuit Direct Deposit template for all the employees.
  • The employees, after receiving the form, will be required to fill in the correct details on the form, and sign and date the form.
  • The employees may also be required to attach a voided check with the direct deposit form in order to provide their bank account details. In case an employee wishes to receive their payroll in two separate bank accounts, then a different voided check for each bank account may be required.
  • Once all the information has been obtained via the Intuit Direct Deposit sheet, then the data may be organized carefully and successful authorization is carried out.
  • The Intuit Direct Deposit sheets may be saved for the employer’s files only.

Advantages of Direct Deposit

The use of direct deposits offers various advantages to both the employees and the employers. The main benefits or advantages include the following.

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  • Time Saving

Direct deposits do not require the employee to physically submit checks to the bank, and hence save a lot of time.

  • More than One Account

Employees can even divide the paycheck into more than one account.

  • Immediate Access to Earnings

Employees can immediately access their earnings on their payday.

  • Convenient for Employers

Direct deposits help employers to save time and money because they do not have to write or print checks for all the employees.

  • Location of the Employee or the Employer not a Hindrance

The employers can transfer the payment to their employees wherever they are located.

Let us check out some templates.

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Payroll Direct Deposit Form Template: Intuit Direct Deposit template

This template will help businesses to perfectly design the forms for employees to fill out in order to receive their payroll via direct deposit.

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Direct Deposit Excel Form Template

Direct Deposit Excel Form Template

This template makes use of Microsoft Excel to record the form data. Using Excel is highly useful because the data is captured by sheets and can be used across various domains.

Registration Form TemplateRegistration Form Template

This type of template is best if a lot of basic information also needs to be gathered from the employees. The ideal registration form template is versatile because it can be used for a variety of forms.

Direct Deposit and Direct Debit Form Template

Direct Deposit and Direct Debit Form Template

As the name suggests, this template can be used to design a single form for both direct deposit and direct debit details of the employees.

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Personalized Direct Deposit Form Template

Personalized Direct Deposit Form Template

This type of template makes it easy for employers to make personalized forms for their employees, and also to include any additional details or instructions that they may consider necessary in the direct deposit form.


Not only this, but Intuit also provides any required payroll support in case there are any technical issues or subsequent errors that arise in the direct deposit process. Their team is Intuit certified and highly experienced in a variety of such issues from various sectors and industries. As a result, any problem that may arise can be easily resolved with the help of experts from Intuit. Therefore, the use of direct deposit method is efficient and convenient for all.

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