7+ Letter From Santa Template [FREE Download]

Letter From Santa Template

With Christmas come several traditions that we just can’t ignore try as we might. One of them is the Santa and his elves. Although it is the stuff of fantasy, all those are important traditions that help liven the mood every Christmas.

One of the many ways we perpetuate this tradition among kids is by writing them letters from Santa. If you are looking for a way to do that, the letter from Santa templates we have here will make it easier for you.

Letter From Santa Template

1. Letter From Santa Template

Letter From Santa Template

2. Letter From Santa Template

Letter From Santa Template doc

The above templates should make writing a letter from Santa for your child easy. That’s because all you have to do is fill in the name. Everything else is already present. And it should be perfect unless you have something to add.

You might have noticed that what stands out are the color decorations on the templates. You can choose different templates according to the decorations they carry. Well-decorated templates will make more exciting letters for the kids.

That’s because bright colors capture the attention of kids easily.

3. Letter From Santa Template

Letter From Santa Template

4. Santa Gift Letter Template

Santa Gift Letter Template

5. Farewell Letter from Santa

Farewell Letter from Santa

When writing a letter from Santa, the subject can be anything. You can decide for it to be a gift Santa will bring the child. You could even make it a farewell letter like the one above.

The farewell letter from Santa should understandably mention a few things a child did well. The goal is to use the letter to encourage the child to act right. That’s why you could include an activity that they did exceptionally well in and congratulate them on it.

6. Letter From the Desk of Santa

Letter From the Desk of Santa

7. Santa Notification Letter

Kids believe things easily. That’s what makes it easier for you to write a letter and make them feel it is from Santa. For instance, the above template notifies the ids that they are on the nice list and are now slated for a gift.

The content, however, doesn’t stand out as much as the decorative colors on the template. With such colors, you won’t have difficulty convincing your children to read or believe the letter.

How to Make a Letter from Santa Believable

If you are to give your child a letter from Santa, you’d better make it believable. That means it should look original. That will mean not writing the letter yourself because the kids might identify your handwriting.

That’s why it is always best to type the letter. Another way to make it more believable is to add Santa’s letterhead. Santa’s signature could also work in that regard. If you can’t get a letterhead, then you’ll have to be creative with the colors.

Including Santa’s colors is a sure way to put the children in the Christmas mood.


If you were struggling for inspiration to write a letter from Santa, then the above templates should have you sorted. You can edit them and add information that would be more relevant for your children.