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Respect the deceased with the right Obituary Template

An obituary is a kind of a notice which let people know that there is a death of a deceased. It is either published in a newspaper or informed through online portal about the funeral program.

What to include in an Obituary Template?

There are two types of obituary, one is called the basic obituary and the other is called the notable obituary. The former one is used to publish information on local newspaper and the later one is used to publish information in a larger newspaper so that greater number of people can read that.

  • Basic information: Name of the deceased person, year and place of birth, place, and date of death, age.
  • Life and family: Name of parents, the name of spouse (in any), schooling, about the job and the company, number of years worked, place of residence, hobbies, achievements, charitable and religious affiliation.
  • Visitation: Place of visitation with date and time.
  • Funeral Service: Time and date of funeral, place of funeral, the name of officials who would be attending the memorial.

What not to include in an Obituary Template?

When you witness a loss of someone who was very close to you is a sad part and writing an obituary is a difficult task.

  • Mentioning personal feelings and sentiments is not appropriate. Writing personal emotions on an obituary is unnecessary.
  • It is sometimes essential to mention the cause of death but still, it is unnecessary and details related to the illness should not be included in an obituary.
  • An obituary is an announcement of funeral program and it would be trivial if one also describes the event in an obituary. Hence it is better to be specific like mentioning the time, date, place and dress code of the funeral.
  • Make sure the obituary does not include any complex or cliché sentences, the reason being it’s a touchy subject and some may understand the context and some may not. So it is relevant to keep the subject simple and understandable.

Obituary Templates

Avoid identity theft

A deceased person are the prime targets of thieves and hence it is crucial to note what things shall not be revealed in an obituary so that your loved one does not become one of the victims of identity theft:

  • Register the death and get a medical certificate from a hospital.
  • Also, notify the police regarding the same.
  • Freeze all credit cards and close all bank accounts.
  • It is always better to limit the information in an obituary and essentially if it’s a matter of financial affair.
  • If proper documentation is not done, then there exists a possibility of stealing identity and hence results in illegal immigration.
  • Generally, con-artist keeps an eye on the useful information that they can decode from an obituary so that they can decrypt bank account or personal credit. And hence stealing the identity of the deceased.

Check out these for the right Obituary template.

Basic family template

This Obituary template includes biographical information about the deceased. It is a longer form of the obituary which includes little more information about the family. It also serves as a notification indicating that a person has passed away and following memorial services are to take place.

Bi Fold Obituary Template

Obituary template for an elderly man/woman


INSTRUCTIONS: Replace the fields in RED below with the appropriate information. Follow this template to write a properly structured obituary.

[Full name (including any nicknames)], [age of the deceased], of [city and state where they passed away], passed away on [date of death], [cause of death (optional)].

The funeral service will be held at [time and date of funeral] at [place of funeral]. [Name of minister] of [name of church] will be officiating. Visitation will be held at [time and date of wake] at [name of church or funeral home]. Burial will follow the funeral at [name of cemetery] at [time of burial]. Funeral arrangements are being handled by [name of funeral home].

[First name] was born in [place of birth] on [date of birth]. [He or she] graduated from [name of high school] and continued on to receive a [type of degree] from [name of school].

[First name] was married to [spouse’s name] on [wedding date]; they were married [number of years].

[First name] worked as a [type of job] for [name of company] for [number of years worked]. [He or she] enjoyed [hobbies and interests]. [He or she] was also actively involved in [any charities or organizations].

[First name] is survived by [spouse, grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters, children, nieces and nephews], and other family and friends.

[First name] is preceded in death by [names of family that passed away before].

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be given to [name and location to send donations]. The family of [full name] wishes to thank [names of any significant organizations].



Such templates are adopted to highlight the significant achievements made by an individual during his/her lifetime. It’s a way of informing people about the deceased person family, hobbies, interests, and accomplishments. In short, it gives an overview and points out every aspect of his/her life.

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Obituary for war veteran

Some obituary is written to inform people about men or women who passed away after serving in the military for their own country in a war. Any distinction or any medal earned is also mentioned in the obituary.

Newspaper Template


1. Name and Age

– Deceased’s first name, middle name, nickname (optional), last name and age (optional).

2. Location

– City and state.

3. Date of Death

– Include the day, month and year.

4. Place of Death (optional)

– I.E. At home, in a hospital, in a nursing home, etc.

5. Cause of Death (optional)

– I.E. Passed away suddenly, died in his/her sleep, etc.

6. Education

– High school and graduation year. Can also include post-secondary school(s) and degree(s) obtained.

7. Occupation

– Job title, the name of company and years employed. Include the last job. Optionally include previous jobs.

8. Hobbies and Interests

– List hobbies, interests, volunteer work, associations, etc.

9. Accomplishments and Awards

– List all notable accomplishments and awards received.

10. Military Service

– List the dates and branches of service as well as the number of years served.

11. Marriage

– Spouse’s name and date of marriage. Optionally include the spouse’s maiden name and hometown.

12. Survivors

– Names and cities of survivors. Include parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews, and other relatives.

13. Predeceased

– Names and cities of relatives who previously passed away.

14. Funeral Service

– Name of funeral home, time, date, and address.

15. Visitation

– Location, time, date, and address.

16. Other Memorials

– Wake, Burial, Entombment or another memorial. Location, time, date, and address.

17. Pallbearers

– Names of any pallbearers and honorary pallbearers.

18. Contributions

– Address and organization to send memorial donations.

19. Final Words

– Thank you, significant verse, hymn, poem, etc.

20. Condolences

– Link to an online obituary or memorial website where friends and family can leave condolences.


A good template is a one which touches the heart of those who are grieving. It should contain all the vivid details about the deceased person. Generally, newspaper has a fixed pattern of obituary and certain guidelines need to be followed while including essential details about that person.

Design funeral card online

obituary template

Nowadays it is easy to create a funeral card online without any restriction. Use any background, including any content, use any template and use any image. It is one of the best ways to pay tribute to a deceased person and also saves any unnecessary wastage of money.

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Before publishing any detail, every minute information should be discussed with the family members so as to figure out what information to be including and what to leave out. It’s a collaborative work and participation of every family member is important. The obituary should be read by more than one people making sure every detail mentioned is grammatically correct.

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