7+ Santa Letterhead Templates Download FREE

santa letterhead

You must have heard of or seen letters from Santa as a child. If you didn’t see them, then chances are that your kids might know something about them. Well, letters from Santa should have a specific letterhead to make them stand out.

Letterheads are akin to the mark of authenticity on a letter. Therefore, these Santa letterhead templates should help you stamp the mark of authenticity on a letter from Santa.

Nothing will make your children believe a letter came from Santa other than a beautiful letterhead.

Santa Letterhead Templates

1.Secret Santa Letterhead

santa letterhead template

2. Secret Santa Letterhead

 secret santa letterhead template

As you can see from the above examples, the letterheads can come in varying styles. The first example is the better option for someone who doesn’t want to struggle to create the letterhead. All you do is download it, then write in the space for the words.

That’s the same for all the other templates, although thanks to the colorful borderlines, that example stands out.

3. Secret Santa Letterhead

Secret Santa Letterhead

4. Secret Santa Letterhead

 Santa Letterhead

It is important to note that the letterheads come hand in hand with a signature. If you are willing to add a letterhead, then why not the signature of the sender? Seeing Santa’s seal or signature on a letter will play a better make-believe game than not.

Still, you will have to choose one with all the beautiful borderlines that should attract children to read it. Bright colors are fascinating for most kids, and thus the above templates should rightly fit in.

5. Blank Secret Santa Letterhead

Blank Secret Santa Letterhead

While it is okay to go all out for a template with all the words you need, you can choose one that gives you the authority to write yours. The above template is unique because it allows you to write the letterhead yourself.

It will therefore give your creativity a chance to run riot. If you struggle to write in the letterhead space, then get the other templates. The different templates make it easier for you since you don’t have to think about what color or font to use.

6. Secret Santa Letterhead

7. Secret Santa Letterhead


Although all the templates we have outlined so far follow a common design, you can opt for those with subtle tweaks. The sixth template, for instance, has an outline of Santa’s seal as a watermark.

That boosts its aesthetic quality and makes it more believable even for skeptical kids. It, however, won’t matter the design you choose since some kids might already know Santa isn’t real!


A Santa letterhead makes it easier for you to draft letters from Santa. That’s because it gives them the authority that a letter without them would have. Letterheads are often the stamp of authenticity, even in corporate letters.

You will believe a specific letter if it has something you can associate with the company. The same logic applies to Santa letterhead templates. Download the ones we have compiled and spruce up your letters from Santa for your kids.