5+ Secret Santa Clues and Examples 2021

Secret Santa Clues and Examples

Since most people are always home for Christmas, it is only fair that people find games to double the fun of each other company. One way you can do that is by playing the secret Santa game.

Besides the game rules, secret Santa clues and examples will make the event even more fun. Have a look at some of the clues we have here if you were running out of ideas.

The essence of a secret Santa exchange is to exchange gifts. But what if you could make that a little bit challenging? You didn’t expect just to give someone a gift, right? They might deserve it, but it’s way more fun if you provide them with a riddle before the gift.

Secret Santa Clues and Examples

1. Secret Santa Clue Example

Secret Santa Clues

2. Secret Santa Clue

Secret Santa Clues

The best thing about secret Santa is that no one is ever in a serious mood. That means you can goof around with some witty riddles. If you are the poetic type, you could form a riddle with a poetic rhythm to it.

We are sure other poetic people will love it.

3. Secret Santa Clue and Example

Secret Santa Clue and Example

4. Secret Santa Poetic Clue Example

Secret Santa Poetic Clue

While the riddles serve to make the gift exchange more fun, they should retain a hint of the playfulness around Christmas. You can decorate the card with a picture of Santa and his jingle bells since it is that time of the year.

Riddle games have a way of igniting the competitive spirit in most people. They should, however, be simple to ensure people don’t become bored.

5. Secret Santa Scavenger Hunt

Secret Santa Scavenger Hunt

Enough about riddles now. You don’t have to lean that heavily on puzzles for the secret Sant game since you can also organize a scavenger hunt. The perfect scavenger hunt would be to organize it such that whatever gift the person gets is theirs.

Scavenger hunts have the considerable potential to make the secret Santa gift exchange game a lot of fun. That’s if you’re willing to try it. The above example is ideal for kids, and so it isn’t that challenging to solve.

There are adult variations with different difficulty levels.

6. Secret Santa Clue


The final clue example is a classic case in making it easier to for everyone. The clue would, however, be a little difficult for people outside of the family. Such people might struggle to relate to the clue.

Therefore, it is always wise to be considerate when coming up with these clues. You don’t want to have a game that isolates some people. The themes of the event or game should be fun for everyone, family or not.


There are many ways to make Christmas fun. Of course, everyone is in a merry mood will make it easier to cheer them up. However, a secret Santa game with the best clues will take the fun to the next level.

Use some or all of the clues we have provided you with to make the event a lot more fun. You won’t be disappointed.