5+ Secret Santa Form Download [Word, PDF]

Secret Santa Form

Is there a more joyful time of the year for most Christians than the Christmas season? It is the time of the year that allows people to meet family and enjoy the company of friends.

It is also when people get time to enjoy each other’s company as they play Christmas games. One popular thing to do is to gift people. For this to work perfectly, there are several things required: one of which is secret Santa forms.

Secret Santa forms come in handy for getting to know the best gift to get your friends. Here are a few templates you can choose from. You can have the secret Santa forms in different formats. Here is one you should consider. It follows the format of the favorite thing.

Printable Secret Santa Form

1. Favourite Things Secret Santa Form

Secret Santa Form

2. Simple Secret Santa Form

Simple Secret Santa Form

They can be decorative or straightforward forms. You can also opt for a checklist-style secret Santa form to make it easier for a person to select a present they’d want. Of course, you need to have only those gifts that you would be comfortable purchasing.

That means you don’t want them selecting gifts out of your price range. You can put a maximum gift value of a specific amount in dollars to rein in on that. So, what can you include in a secret Santa form?

3. Decorative Secret Santa Form

Decorative Secret Santa Form

Note the heavy reliance on the person listing the things they love most. That should give someone an insight into the person’s personality and what gift would suit them best.

A secret Santa form can include any of the following details.

  • A person’s favorite color
  • Their gender and name
  • Favorite books, movies, or band
  • Their favorite beverage

Besides that, there is a section for the person to list any of their hobbies if they wish to. All the above details make it easier for you to know the ideal present you can get them. That’s because the form gives you a chance to get to know the person on a personal level.

That will enable you to choose a present for them easily. Christmas is a time to give gifts and spread joy.

4. Secret Santa Survey

Secret Santa Survey

5. Secret Santa Questionnaire Form

Secret Santa Questionnaire Form

As you might have seen from the above examples, secret Santa forms are pretty simple to draft. You do not have to include lots of information besides those that will help you establish what best to get someone as a present.

They are also relatively easy to edit. Most of them won’t need you to add anything else since they come with all the details. They can follow unique designs. You may opt for a beautiful design, a questionnaire-style form, or a secret Santa survey form. It all depends on your choice.

Final Thoughts

Drafting a secret Santa form isn’t rocket science, with the many available templates on the net. Download the templates and customize them to your tests before using them to know what gifts you need to get your friends.