9+ Secret Santa Questionnaire [Word, PDF, Doc]

Secret Santa Questionnaire

Questionnaires are a crucial way to get more information on a given person or topic. That’s why there is a secret Sant questionnaire that enables someone to know a few things about someone and thus determine the best gift to get them.

How do you come up with secret Santa questionnaires, though? The best way to do that is to look them up online. But you don’t have to look too hard since we have a few you can pick.

Secret Santa Questionnaire Templates

1. Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa Questionnaire

Our first and second examples are classic examples of how simple secret Santa questionnaires can be. They look like a survey form since they get to know the details of a person to inform another person’s gift decision.

Of course, the top questions are about someone’s hobby and favorite things they do. That’s what makes them relatively easy to draft.

2. Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa Questionnaire doc

3. Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa Questionnaire template

4. Secret Santa Questionnaire

This or That Secret Santa Questionnaire

While questionnaires are a way to enable you to know mor about a person, you should go slow on decorating them. They can also be decorative forms that will bring a smile to someone’s face.

In addition to the favorite things, you can include a question requesting a person to add anything else they think might be relevant.

5. Quirky Secret Santa Questionnaire

Quirky Secret Santa Questionnaire

A secret Santa questionnaire can also follow the basics and have only space to list everyday things. The basic questions are an excellent source of insight into a person and might help understand the gift that will best suit them.

You can also go for a detailed list of questions that offer you an in-depth knowledge of a person’s personality. Such a list will include their favorite music and musician, how they spend time outside work or their favorite holiday memory.

6. Elaborate Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa Help out Questionnaire

7. Secret Santa Questionnaire

8. Secret Santa Questionnaire

From the many different templates online, you can choose a questionnaire that contains some decorations that make it more appealing. Of course, the most apparent decorations are Christmas colors.

If the questionnaire doesn’t have any other decorations, it should lack some degree of Christmas verve.

9. Secret Santa Questionnaire

While thinking of secret Santa questionnaires, you should remember that it’s never that serious. The central theme of the secret Santa gift exchange is to have fun. That means not asking boring questionnaires.

That sets the stage for quirky questions like the one you can see in the example above. It would be an excellent ice breaker and cause people to loosen up in answering the questionnaires.


Secret Santa questionnaires are a crucial part of the secret Santa exchange game. But they might be pretty challenging to think of for some people. If you have any trouble getting questionnaire ideas, then the templates we have here can make that easier.