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punch card template

Punch card templates are a great way to reward your customers for being loyal to your company by regularly buying certain items from you. Whether you like it or not looks matter. Dull and shabby looking punch cards are generally a letdown to your customers. They may end up siding with another brand or company. So, to prevent that let’s look into some punch card template.

Punch Card Template – What’s the content?

A punch card may be made up of paper or cardboard and contains certain attractive icons which are regularly punched when a customer buys or shops at your store or company. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while making a punch card.

Background of Punch Card Templates

Background basically is the base of the card i.e. how your card will look without text. No need to go flashy with the background, a simple subtle design or photo may work. Make sure the background is kept simple and should resonate with the reward being provided.

Text on Punch Card Templates

Text matters a lot when it comes to Punch cards. What to add? Or What not to? Adding too many ideas may end up cramming your card making it look unpleasant. Include your company’s name and what reward the customer stands to gain when the punch card is complete. You can add the validity date so that your customers can keep track of it.

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Title of the reward service:

If you have chosen to give the rewarding service or the loyalty program some name, make sure it is catchy. This will make your customer remember it and will want to get the service. This may serve as the title of your punch card too. Make sure that your customers understand the reward.

Icons to be used in Punch Card Templates

This is the most important part of the punch card. These icons are the ones where the punching will take place. You can go for a simple blank circle or may add graphics or numbers to make it more effective, catchy and memorable. One such idea is to use a sad or normal face in the beginning and as the customer gets close to the reward the expression gradually changing to a smile. The last icon should clearly indicate that the reward point has been reached.


The back may have a simple design and you can add the terms and conditions related to the service in short sentences with readable font size. You can also add the type of rewards they will end up getting.

Here are some types of punch card templates.

Free Food

Punch Card Template

This one’s a classic since free food has been a part of business loyalty program for a long time. If you own a food producing company and you want to boost your sales or want to reward your loyal customers, this is a great option. You can provide a free meal at your restaurant or provide any one of your products for free make sure to give your customers some options.

Free merchandise

punch card template

This is a great way to reward your customers and promoting your brand. You can provide a shirt or t-shirt or hoodie as a reward. Make sure the reward is catchy or enticing enough to make your customers want to complete the punch card.

Free Service

punch card template

This is a good way to reward your customers for their loyalty. You can provide a free massage service at your parlor or free haircut or free computer repair et cetera et cetera. This is an extensively used method and is quite effective.

Free Entertainment

punch card template 

This is a sort of reward which is geared towards the customer’s entertainment rather than the promotion of your company’s service or products. Free movie tickets or free tickets to a certain club or fair etc.

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