7+ Secret Santa Wishlist Form [Word, DOC, PDF]

Secret Santa Wishlist Form

When looking forward to a secret Santa gift exchange, you might wonder if your secret Santa will get you gifts you love. While there is not much you can do to have a secret Santa get you something you want, a wish list form comes close.

A wish list lists what you’d want most as a gift for the secret Santa to be in the know. So how do you create a secret Santa wish list form? There are various ways you can do that.

You will be glad to know that they aren’t challenging to draft since many templates are available.

Secret Santa Wishlist Form

1. Secret Santa Wishlist Form

Secret Santa Wishlist Form

The above is one way you can go if you want to make a compelling secret Santa wish list. A wish list is just as its name suggests, a list of things you’d love to get as gifts.

It is wise to remember the spending limit the secret Santa has given you to avoid quoting gifts that are way out of their price range.

2. Secret Santa Wishlist

Secret Santa Wishlist Form

You can also go for a brief list or a long list. You can also divide the things you want into different categories as the above template does.

Listing your hobbies could also work in making the However, you need to remember that a long list of items could seem insensitive to the secret Santa. That would be putting too much pressure on them. That’s never a good thing to do.

3. Secret Wish List

Secret Wish List

The below template would be an excellent choice for a child. Although anyone can make a wish list, some wish lists should have children in mind.

The one below is beautiful and would be an excellent choice for your kids.

4. Secret Santa Wish List

Secret Santa Wish List Template

5. Secret Santa Wish List

 Secret Santa Wish List


Unlike the other wish lists, this one comes blank. That means you have to add everything you want yourself. There are no categories for your favorite things or hobbies. It will thus require you to think of everything.

It would not be that difficult since you are the one that best understands what you would want from your Secret Santa.

6. Secret Santa Wish List


7. Secret Santa Wish List


This is another children’s option for a wish list. The simple design further emphasizes the importance of the list being as simple as possible. If you don’t like decorative forms, then this one would be a good idea.


Wish list forms are an integral part of the secret Santa exchange game. That’s because they prevent someone from buying someone a gift they wouldn’t love. It might seem impossible, but none of them appeal to anyone of all the items brought as gifts.

Wish lists at their core are simple and easy to craft forms. With the many templates online, you can never run out of ideas to try. And if you do, then the ones we have here should help you get the inspiration back.